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Monday – Thursday 12pm – 8pm

Friday – Saturday 9am – 5pm

We’re Not Just Another Discount Massage Factory

Let’s Be Frank

Our prices aren’t the cheapest. They’re not the most expensive either.

Do you need results?

Our therapists understand your lifestyle.

We can give you a treatment plan that works.
But most of all we will kick your ass out of pain.

Hooray for Health Funds!

All our therapists are registered for rebates.

We have HiCaps! You just swipe your health fund card and it will automatically deduct your rebate amount. Then you’ll just pay what ever is left over.

It’s pretty sweet.

We’re open to a casual relationship

If you need to come and see us every now and then, that’s okay. We’re not going to wait by the phone watching sad movies over a bucket of ice cream, while crying and wondering why you haven’t called.

If it’s just a casual relationship you’re after, these are the prices for you.

Musculoskeletal Therapy – Kaja + Jim

30 mins – $60
60 mins – $99
90 mins – $140

Unless you want to go steady. . .

Going steady means we’ll be there to look after you when you need it the most. If you need to perform at a high level, consider regular maintenance.

Treatment packs are convenient, affordable and put your mind at ease – we are ready to be with you long term.

If it’s time to commit, these are the prices for you.

Treatment Packs

3 Visit Pack – $276 ($92 per treatment – $24 savings)
5 Visit Pack – $450 ($90 per treatment – $30 savings)

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