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  • Maintaining Your Only Body
  • Musician’s Guide to Repetitive Strain Injuries
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Jim’s Clinic News

With Kaja away for 10 days doing the Cape to Cape walk in WA, it’s up to me to save the day and do the Clinic News for this month.

Welcome to our second ever newsletter! Thanks for everyone’s positive responses to our first issue and the overwhelming interest in our work within the music industry.

Working with Red Deer Festival was a great success – awesome opportunity to work with some very talented local Brisbane musicians. Next on the festival books will be three days from the 26th of October on the lovely Stradbroke Island, with Island Vibe Festival. There are still tickets available for anyone interested in a reggae getaway on Stradbroke – headliner this year is The Wailers (Bob Marley’s original band) and it’s their first time to Australia. We always have a lot of fun with this one and highly recommend it to anyone thinking about coming. Maybe we’ll see you there.

We’d also like to congratulate two of our very talented and driven clients:

  • Sophie Smith for her bronze medal at the 2012 Olympics
  • Helena Moore for being the national weight lifting champion

Nice work!

One last reminder about our Facebook page and refer-a-friend program. We’re now posting Facebook-only specials among helpful tips, links and articles – so make sure you’ve liked us. Also, we’ve been very happy giving out more $20 referral discounts for clients who’ve sent there friends and family our way. For the best way to get a reluctant (but desperately in need of a massage) friend in to see us, click here for our simple guide.

With all that said, please enjoy the newsletter and let us know if there’s anything you’d like to see in future issues. I’m sure you’ll hear all about Kaja’s trip when she get’s back to the intro next month.

Maintaining Your Only Body

No one expects their car to continue running smoothly without regular servicing and maintenance. So why are we so quick to neglect the one thing we have for life – our bodies?

At Skeletal Harmonics, we believe strongly in maintaining your physical body to continue performing pain free and at a peak level, as long as possible. We practice what we preach by forcing therapists to have regular treatments (tough job, I know). This is the best way to ensure our careers don’t come to an untimely end because of an avoidable injury.

If you’re not following a regular maintenance program, it’s about time you start thinking about one. Muscular and postural imbalances can spread and build up under the surface if we’re not in touch with what’s going on. Let’s keep you feeling at your best.

Your maintenance program doesn’t have to include regular Skeletal Harmonics visits (as much as we’d like that). We understand that for some, it’s just not financially or locationally viable. If regular bodywork sessions isn’t possible for you, it’s even more important to put together a program of exercises and self treatment to do at home.

Keep reading about maintaining a healthy body here – take a sneak peak into Gavin’s personal maintenance program and get some more ideas of how to put together your own.

Musician’s Guide: Repetitive Strain Injuries

The repetitive nature of playing your instrument, puts you at a higher risk of suffering a repetitive stress type of injury. Too many musical careers are needlessly postponed or brought to an end because of debilitating pain in a wrist, elbow, shoulder or neck, don’t let yours be the next.

Here are some of the common RSI related problems among musicians:

• Bursitis – inflammation of a bursa, which is a sac of fluid that provides frictionless movement between surfaces in a joint. Often caused by continual, excessive friction in a joint. I remember treating a drummer who had suffered a bursitis in his shoulder, which totally stopped him playing for over a month.

• Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – compression of the median nerve in the wrist, resulting in numbness, tingling, pain and decreased range of motion in the wrist and first 3 fingers.

• DeQuervain’s Syndrome – inflammation of the tendon sheath to the thumb, causing problems with gripping.

• Tendonitis – when muscles are overused or repetitively put through an awkward range of motion, the tendons will often become swollen and inflamed. Joints such as fingers, wrists, elbows and shoulders are at most risk for musicians. Pain will worsen and range motion continue to decrease if proper treatment is not received.

• Thoracic Outlet Syndrome – compression of the nerves and/or blood vessels that travel from the neck, through the shoulder and into the arm. This can result in pain, weakness, numbness and tingling in several areas such as the neck, shoulder or arm.

These are just a sample of the different names given to conditions stemming from simply overusing or repetitively misusing a certain joint or group of muscles.

Keep reading about musician repetitive strain injuries here – what’s going on under the surface, contributing factors and what you can start doing today to minimise your risk.

Guide To Hot Stones

What To Expect

You walk into the Skeletal Harmonics Hot Stones room. It’s warm, lowly lit, with a relaxing selection of music wafting through the air. You feel instantly at ease. After a brief consultation, it’s time to get comfortable, lying down onto the table and keeping warm under a towel. Kat re-enters and begins.

At first, the hot stones are placed strategically around your body – you start to feel totally relaxed. Using a warm, fragrant oil, the massage begins, alternating between hands and stone. Once cool enough, the feeling of smooth, flat stones gliding effortlessly over your skin, instantly puts you into another world.

All you have to do from here is relax, forget about the world outside and enjoy your blissful 90 minute, full body hot stone experience.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about Hot Stones here or call us on 3844 2265 to make a booking with Kat (our Queen of Hot Stones).

Featured Product: Orthoplex MagOpti Magnesium Powder

With magnesium being the fourth most abundant mineral in your body and responsible for over 300 metabolic chemical reactions, it’s important we all get enough of this in our diet. Unfortunately thanks to SAD (standard Australian diet) and a variety of other issues, we’re not. Deficiencies can lead to increased tension, stress, muscle cramping, pain and a decrease of cardiovascular and immune function.

In our experience, taking a good magnesium supplement, combined with effective bodywork treatment, has greatly relieved a lot of chronic pain and tension clients have come in with. They not only experience less pain but also feel a lot more stress-free and relaxed.

Not all supplements are created equally. Simple over-the-counter magnesium pills generally do not have the same potency as the forms you can get from a qualified health practitioner (such as us). Powders are preferrable to tablets as they are more easily absorbed in the system.

We’ve found the Orthoplex MagOpti powder to be the most effective for our clients. Taking a teaspoon at night has helped clients sleep better, stress heads to chill out and pain sufferers to find relief. Ask for some next time you’re in and test the benefits for yourself.

Also check out our guide to magnesium here or try having regular epsom salt baths (your body absorbs magnesium from the salts).

Clinic Music Of The Month: Clare Bowditch

After seeing Clare perform at Red Deer Festival last Saturday, we had to feature her as our clinic music choice for the month. Fall in love with one of Australia’s most inspirational artists and have a listen to her latest single “You Make Me Happy“. Also keep your eye out for Clare’s upcoming 5th studio album, “The Winter I Chose Happiness” – to be released this September 14th. See her website for more details –

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