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Kaja’s Clinic News

Welcome to Skeletal Harmonic’s first official newsletter. We’ll be sending them out each month to keep you updated with clinic news and useful articles. We’d love to hear your feedback and suggestions to make this something you want to read.

Let’s start off by proudly welcoming Jim back from his massive cycling trip up to Cape York – he survived! We can also welcome a new type of massage to our clinic, instant health fund rebates for you, some awesome new products, new music festival contract and a new face at reception.

It’s been a huge first two months in West End. I honestly couldn’t have done it without the support of you – thank you very much for being so so “patient” with us while we “massaged” all the “bumps” out!! (Bad pun hey). It’s so nice to finally meet some of our regulars face to face who have been seeing one of my other therapists for years.

Health fund receipts are now available for all your past treatments. Once again thanks so much for bearing with us while we got this all sorted. To be able to send you a receipt, we just need to know what health fund you are with. You’ll probably be contacted by your therapist to find out what company you are with. Alternatively just reply to this email and let me know! Our goal is to have these all fixed up this week.

Our on the spot claims machine (HealthPoint – same thing as HICAPS) is all up and running. You can read more about which health funds are covered here.

Music Festival Season is upon us: As most of you will know, every year the Skeletal Harmonics Team packs up the massage tables to travel with different Music Festivals around Australia. The 1st of September kicks off our season, working with the musicians at the beautiful, up and coming music festival – Red Deer. As it is extremely hard to be in two places at once, we will unfortunately be closed on Saturday 1st September.

Red Deer tickets have all sold out already but feel free to check out their website and enjoy some loveable local QLD music. If you look closely enough, you might recognise Kat’s face on stage from last year’s performance photos.

Hot Stone Massage now available at Skeletal Harmonics with Kat. We would love to offer you a chance to totally bliss out for 90 minutes. Keep warm this August with a luxurious 1.5hr Hot Stone Massage for only $88.00 (usually $150 and health fund rebates are available). I’m sure your used to your therapist “beating you up” normally, so this might be a nice change! Contact us today to book in your Hot Stone Massage.

Lastly, we’re happy to welcome Annie who’s joining us on reception. She’s been doing some work experience on Tuesday and Thursday nights. Please introduce yourself and ask her as many difficult questions as possible!

Please enjoy these articles and make sure you give us plenty of feedback – we want this newsletter to be something you actually want to read.

10 Tips For The Stressed Out Desk Worker

With so many of us working at desks today, it’s important to have some simple tricks up your sleeve to keep you feeling better at your desk for longer. Here’s just a sneak peak at a few of the points (read the rest of the stress busting tips here)….

1. Get It Right: Boring as it may be, you should make sure your work area is set up correctly from the beginning. You’ve seen the terribly un-inspiring images of proper desk ergonomics, but unless you’re a robot, you’ll most likely ignore them. Here’s what a human can do to feel better, for longer at a desk:

– Sit on a comfortable, adjustable chair that supports the natural lumbar curve of your lower back.
– Position the top of screen in line with your eyes (prop it up with a few phone books if necessary).
– Ensure the screen is directly in front of you and not off to the side.
– Your elbows should not be raised above 90°.
– Stop tucking one leg under your butt (no matter how comfortable it is).
– Catch yourself slumping and bring your shoulders back to maintain good posture.

2. Move: Get up and move regularly. Don’t go any longer than an hour without breaking your desk posture. Your muscles need a variety of movements to promote proper function and health. So stand up, walk around, swing your arms, shake your hands, roll your shoulders, stretch your neck, or do any combination of movements to loosen yourself up. WARNING: Getting too carried away with this may lead to becoming the office weirdo.

3. Look Away: Let your eyes take regular breaks from the computer screen. Eye strain commonly causes headaches and neck pain. Again, don’t let an hour go by without looking away from your screen and focusing on different objects at varying distances around the room. See an optometrist if you find yourself squinting or suffering from sore eyes regularly.

Read the rest of the stress busting tips here.

10 Reasons Why Musicians Get Injured

Nearly every day, someone asks me “why would you work on musicians? How would they get injured, it’s not like they’re running around a football field”. I thought it was about time I explained myself!

These a few standard reasons I hear frequently from our injured performers in the clinic or who we see working on the road with a music festival. How many can you relate to?

(Here’s just the first three reasons, read the whole list of how musicians get injured here).

1. Lifting Heavy Instruments And Equipment
This is also done quickly, with bad lifting habits and a general frustration about having to do it yourself! The average guitar amp weighs 20kgs and the average drum kit weighs 70kgs. Have you seen some of the skinny emo muso’s walking around these days; they don’t look like they could carry a harmonica without straining a muscle.

2.Marathon Rehearsals
Demands of band mates, recording contracts, managers, fans, family but most often themselves. People over work. You do it, I do it, and musicians do it. We often hear; “the perfectionist in me is coming out so I must keep practising until I get it right”. This can take a very large toll on some very small muscles. Hours and hours of intense concentration and dedication – unless you’re one of the lucky ones, which if you are, please stop reading this and go back to being brilliant someplace else.

3. Sleeping Through The Day And Not At Night
We all know that our body is designed to heal naturally at night. It’s during this restful sleep that your body releases large amounts of hormones that are essential for your ability to heal and rejuvenate your cells. When we sleep through the day, we get muscle fatigue, which can lead to chronic pain, fatigue and the resulting reduced blood flow can eventually lead to microscopic tears in the muscle and the buildup of scar tissue.

Keep reading the rest of the 10 reasons musicians get injured here.

Guide To Cupping

You may have seen a friend with a neat series of bruises on their back and wondered if they had wrestled with a giant octopus. As much of a great story that would be, they’ve probably just had a cupping treatment. But why would someone pay good money to have those marks all over them? And why do therapists love using suction cups on their clients?

Let’s look at what cupping is all about. By the end, maybe you’ll want to try it out for yourself….(find all about cupping here)

Featured Product:

Our go-to muscle pain relief cream. Full of natural plant extracts that help recovery of tissue damage, settle irritated nerves and decrease inflammation. Great to use after a Skeletal Harmonics treatment to help speed up recovery. Ask to try it out next time you’re in.

Clinic Music Of The Month:
Bon Iver

Have a listen to American folk, indie band Bon Iver (don’t be caught out on the pronunciation: bone ee-VARE). Gavin has been listening to their debut 2008 album “For Emma, Forever Ago” in the clinic and loving it. Check out the haunting vocals and a raw acoustic sound at or

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