Both musicians and athletes are required to perform at certain high levels. However the difference between athletes and musicians is the focus on maintaining peak physical condition. Sure, as a musician, you don’t need to submit yourself to constant, grueling training sessions and adhere to strict dietary guidlines, but it’s about time you found some nice mid point.

The standard rock star lifestyle isn’t going to do your health much good in the long run. Start looking after your only body now and reap the benefits: Athletes: train specific strengthening and conditioning exercises to improve performance and decrease injury. Musicians: should research good instrument-specific conditioning exercises or ask a Skeletal Harmonics therapist for advice. Athletes: adhere to strict dietary guidlines for maximum physical output. Musicians: should try to live a little more in moderation and find a healthy, flexible eating style (the word diet feels too strict) that promotes natural energy and creativity (I like the Primal Blueprint). Athletes: get specialised treatment as soon as injury or pain happens. They know this is important because failure to address problems quickly, could result in an early end to career. Musicians: should most definitely do the same! To finish, I’ll leave you with this hilariously out of date video that agrees with my point (look for the big hair and nipple-high pants). ENJOY! Source: Image by Jster91