Everyone with lower back pain should know this simple trick to help relieve tension from around the spine and maintain a healthy back. It’s something you can do anywhere, as long as you have a floor and tennis ball (probably best to avoid doing this in public though).

This is especially great for travelling musicians and performers with lower back pain, who can’t yet afford Skeletal Harmonics to join them on tour. Keep a tennis ball in your luggage and use it to loosen up before and/or after a show. I use this technique combined with BakBalls for an awesome self treatment of the whole back.

Note: When Paula mentions the “sweet spot” (QL trigger point), you’ll normally find it on yourself around the start of your ribcage, in the corner of your spine and 12th rib. If you only have time to work on one spot each side, make it this one. I’ve found this trigger point to give the greatest general release from lower back tension.

DISCLAIMER: This technique is best used as maintenance. If you are suffering from an acute lower back pain episode, consult with your therapist before trying this technique. Not recommended during pregnancy.