4 Simple Steps For Musicians To Keep Their Money Makers Happy Cont….

Yesterday we covered the importance of warming up and taking breaks. If you haven’t already, check out Hand Care Part 1 now. Today we cover two more simple things to keep in mind for after you’ve finished playing and some general maintenance you can do yourself.

3. After You’ve Finished Playing

Just as important as warming up before you play, is cooling down afterwards. Run through the same shaking and stretching routine as before and including some self massage to any sore areas.

4. Maintenance Between Practise And Performances

Look after your body and it will reward you greatly – keep an eye on that posture and aim to eat a healthy, balanced diet (out of scope of this article, but you could start by decreasing processed, sugary junk and increasing fresh, natural foods).

A lot of problems in the arms and hands are linked to imbalances in your neck and shoulder area. Just think for a moment the imbalances your instrument forces your body to adopt when playing. If viable, regular bodywork such as massage that focuses on promoting balance in these areas is extremely important to maintain a lasting, healthy, pain free career.

Try a bit of self massage to help keep pressure from building up in your hands. Interlocking your fingers together you can use your thumbs to push into sore, tight spots in your palms as well working through the webbing between you thumb and index. Hold pressure on sore spots until you feel them ease.

Heat is always a good option for areas feeling a bit tight or sore. It gets your circulation and lymph flowing which aids in healing and recovery. Different options are rubbing in a good liniment (like Fisiocrem or Tiger Balm), a simple heat pack or soaking in a hot epsom salt bath.

These tips have been very basic, because it’s often the basics that are so easily overlooked. Start incorporating these tips into your practise and performance regimes to help maintain healthy hands for your career.

If you’re a musician in pain or want to take a more active role in maintaining a healthy body for your performing career, speak with a Skeletal Harmonics therapist today – we specialise in working with musicians and performing artists (07) 3844 2265.