No one expects their car to continue running smoothly without regular servicing and maintenance. So why are we so quick to neglect the one thing we have for life – our bodies?

At Skeletal Harmonics, we believe strongly in maintaining your physical body to continue performing pain free and at a peak level, as long as possible. We practice what we preach by forcing therapists to have regular treatments (tough job, I know). This is the best way to ensure our careers don’t come to an untimely end because of an avoidable injury.

If you’re not following a regular maintenance program, it’s about time you start thinking about one. Muscular and postural imbalances can spread and build up under the surface if we’re not in touch with what’s going on. Let’s keep you feeling at your best.

Your maintenance program doesn’t have to include regular Skeletal Harmonics visits (as much as we’d like that). We understand that for some, it’s just not financially or locationally viable. If regular bodywork sessions isn’t possible for you, it’s even more important to put together a program of exercises and self treatment to do at home.

Here’s an example of my maintenance program (as of writing):

  • Fortnightly bodywork treatments – regular tune-ups for any areas in need of extra relief.
  • BakBalls once to twice a week – to keep my back muscles (erector spinae) loose and functioning well.
  • Daily self massage/trigger pointing to hands and arms – these guys are my money makers.
  • Bi daily rolling golf ball through sole of foot (planta fascia) – a hugely neglected area but ultimately dictates how our whole body is supported when standing.
  • Move Frequently at a Slow Pace (thanks Primal Blueprint) – in this fast paced world too many of us either sit still at a desk all day or try to kill ourselves at a gym. It’s not how our bodies have evolved to perform.
  • Soon to be added:Lift Heavy Things” and “Sprinting Once In A While” (also from the Primal Blueprint).
  • All supported by a healthy diet that suits me, my lifestyle and beliefs – with so many conflicting ideas about what you should eat, it can be hard to find something the right one. Keep searching and trying new things until you find something that works for you.

I don’t expect you to copy what I do, but use it as an example. Sure there’s some weeks where fall of the rails, but you just have to get over it and keep going. Aim to do the right thing 80% of the time. Here’s some more ideas for your physical maintenance program:

  • Massage, musculoskeletal therapy, osteopathy, naturopathy, etc
  • BakBalls, foam roller, tennis ball trigger pointing, etc
  • Stretching, conditioning exercises, etc
  • Yoga, pilates, martial arts, etc
  • Gym, home workout, etc
  • Hiking, bike riding, kayaking, walking, jogging, etc

For the best way to incorporate regular bodywork into your life, get yourself one of our Treatment Packs and make it a little easier on your wallet:

5 Visit Pack – $375 ($75 per treatment – $65 savings)
10 Visit Pack – $700 ($70 per treatment – $180 savings)
And finally, for those who are super keen….
25 Visit Pack – $1625 ($65 per treatment – $575 savings)

Get help with putting together a maintenance program that suits you and your lifestlye by consulting with your favourite Skeletal Harmonics therapist. Make a booking today or call about our packs on 07 3844 2265.

If you’ve got a maintenance program to be proud of, or maybe that needs tweaking, leave it in a comment below.