The effective, portable tool for relieving and preventing back pain. Using BakBalls are essential for anyone serious about maintaining a healthy body.

With proper use, BakBalls will help stimulate and release tension from your erector spinae muscles (running alongside your spine). It is best done regularly as maintenance for a healthy back.

How To Use BakBalls

Begin by lying down on your BakBalls with your spine in the groove. You will need a bit of room behind you as you roll the ball down your back (see here for more detailed pictures and arm positions).

Starting at the base of your neck you want to slowly work your way down your spine by stopping and sinking into the pressure for 30-60 seconds every inch or so (the BakBalls website is quite conservative with how long to spend on each spot). It’s important to relax.

You will find some spots to be more painful than others. Breath deeply and wait for any pain to subside before rolling down. If you’re finding it too painful, try using a heat pack to stimulate circulation before beginning.

To finish up, a heat pack onto your back will help get a better muscle response and settle the nerves. I wouldn’t recommend doing double ball sessions any closer than once every 2-3 days.

NOTE: If you’re suffering a bad episode of back pain, see a professional muscle therapist for guidance before self treating. Do not use while pregnant.

Pick up a set of BakBalls next time you visit Skeletal Harmonics and maintain your own healthy back from home.