Introducing the Mightiest Health Tea – White Tea.

Ever since finding out about this apparent miracle tea that trumps the benefits of it’s lowly black and green cousins, I’ve started my day with a cup or two of White Tea. If I don’t get my cup in the morning, I run the risk of throwing my whole day into chaos (possibly a little over dramatic).

Why am I obsessed with White Tea?

The blurb on the box piqued my interest while perusing my local grocery’s tea section:

“A thousand years ago Emperor Huizong of the Song Dynasty of China singled out White Tea as the pinnacle of sophistication.

That reputation has endured over the years and today White Tea is regarded by many connoisseurs as the finest of all teas. Carefully selected and harvested from the beautiful high mountains of China our White Tea undergoes a minimum of processing to retain the sweet and subtle flavour and high natural antioxidant content. White Tea is the perfect warm drink first thing in the morning or to indulge in after dinner.”

If this was good enough for emperors, tea connoisseurs and people of sophistication, it would do just fine in my morning mug.

Not to be too easily swayed my packaging, I did a bit more research. Here’s a few health benefits I discovered:

  • High in antioxidants that protect your body from the damage of free radicals.
  • Plenty of flavonoids to help prevent cancer cells growth.
  • Helps lower blood pressure by thinning blood and improving artery function.
  • Teeming with catechins that help lower bad cholesterol absorption.
  • By fighting free radicals, improving you artery function and lowering bad cholesterol, it’s also healping you maintain a healthy heart.

For even more benefits and everything you could ever possibly want to know about White Tea, check out The White Tea Guide – these guys are crazy about the stuff.

Moral of the story: give it a go. Your body will thank you for it. I get the Lotus Peak stuff from my local Coles, so there’s no need to go hunting too far.

Leave your comments if you’re a White Tea fan.