It’s the attack of the chairs. A little while back, I saw an episode of ABC’s Catalyst where they delved into some interesting findings of the dangers of prolonged sitting: Think about how much of your day is spent with your butt firmly planted in a chair – while eating, in the car, at the desk, in front of the TV. Most of us are sitting longer than we’re actually sleeping. This is not how our bodies have evolved to be used and the destructiveness of this habit is now becoming apparent.

While we’re seated, our bodies are devoid of any healthy muscle contractions which helps clear blood sugar and fat levels. For those following the SAD (standard Australian diet), eating too much carbohydrates and refined sugars, it’s crucially important we begin to introduce a little more movement in the day to keep your blood sugar in check. The main danger of high glucose is inflammation, which when it becomes chronic, can lead to increased risk of heart disease, some cancers and a host of other degenerative diseases. Regular exercise isn’t your saving grace either. The study showed that regular exercise only marginally negated the effects of sitting all day. What we need to start doing is introducing regular, intermittent movement throughout the day. This means getting up from your desk every half hour to walk around, standing up to work or replacing your chair for a fitball. Don’t let your chair kill you. I’ll leave you to watch the segment and make up your own mind (and I’ll get out of my chair).