You might have had a treatment at Skeletal Harmonics and been told to go home and have an epsom salt bath. It’s not because you smell – it’s actually really good for you and your muscles. But what makes it so special?

Epsom Salts

Also known as magnesium sulphate (or MgS04 for the geeks out there), is simply a naturally occurring mineral found in water. Adding two cups of this stuff to a nice hot bath, dissolves into the water and is easily absorbed through your skin, assimilating quickly into your system to reap some excellent benefits:

  • Reduce mental stress
  • Relieve muscle soreness and cramps
  • Decrease inflammation
  • Increase lymph and blood flow
  • Promote proper muscle and nerve function
  • Flush out metabolic waste from cells

What Are You Waiting For? Have A Soak

Make it part of your maintenance regime. Have a hot bath with two cups of epsom salts, two to three times a week. It’s great to help you recover after a workout or massage. Plus it’s great for your stress levels to relax in a soothing bath after a rough day.

If you can’t stand the idea of sitting still in warm water for 20 minutes, there is also the option of a simple foot soak with just half a cup of the salts. Great if you’ve been running or just on your feet all day. It’s a much quicker and water friendly option. You could even bring your bucket in front of your coach and soak while watching TV.

Where To Get Epsom Salts?

If you’re going to get serious about bathing in your new favourite salt, you can get bulk bags of epsom salts from gardening stores (because even plants love the stuff). Otherwise we stock EpZen Salts in a variety of different flavours at the clinic, or a simple Google search should help you find some (they can be notoriously hard to find from mainstream stores).

For more epsom salt info, check out the SaltWorks page on it – they’re all about the salt.

If you’re addicted to epsom salt baths, we’d love to hear your comment.