Understand your body a little better by understanding computers.

Let’s look at the similarities:

Computer Has: Hardware
A computer’s hardware is the physical technology that determines what can be achieved and how much power is available.

Your Body Has: A Musculoskeletal System
Your musculoskeletal system is the hardware of your body. It determines how much power you have available and the movements you can perform.

Computer Has: Software
A computer’s software works to utilise the hardware’s raw power to achieve certain goals and perform different functions.

Your Body Has: A Neurological System
Just like software, your complex neurological system controls how effectively your muscles and skeleton are utilised for specific movements and actions.

When you have corrupted or outdated hardware:
If you have bad posture from years of sitting at a computer and you are experiencing pain, this is corrupted hardware. Your musculoskeletal system is in an ineffective formation. When your biceps lack the necessary fast twitch fibers to lift that heavier weight, your hardware is out of date and needs updating to perform at a higher level.

When you have corrupted and outdated software:
If you’ve developed a specific movement but there is a better way of doing it, your software is outdated. If the neural pathways of a movement have been set with incorrect bio mechanics, your software is corrupted. It’s like trying to work with Windows 98 on a modern computer, or trying to function with a virus.

The cool thing that makes your body infinitely more powerful than a computer is your ability to use what you already have and upgrade exponentially with the right training, treatment and maintenance. You don’t have to toss your old body and buy a new one every few years (though that might be handy sometimes).

Though we can’t help you much with your computer problems, with bodywork we can cause positive changes to your musculoskeletal system and help retrain neural pathways to assist you getting the best performance from your body.