So our fearless leader Kaja, is off on a 10 day walk along the coast of Western Australia. She’s not going to have much phone reception either. Can you imagine 10 days without being in constant contact with the world? Good luck Kaja! Most of us are hopelessly addicted to technology – probably a lot more than we’re willing to admit.

In an article I recently stumbled upon, I discovered Blackberries (and any smart phone for that matter) proved to be worse for productivity than smoking marijuana (read it here, also that’s not an excuse or recommendation for anything illegal).

Maybe it’s time to give yourself a break from the constant interruption and seduction of technology for just one weekend or one day of your weekend (no need to go total cold turkey for 10 days). Give yourself a chance to unplug, your brain will thank you for it. Here’s just a few random ideas off the top of my head to entertain you while off the grid (get creative):

  • Read a good ole fashion book
  • Play your instrument or learn a new one
  • Write – a song, story, poem, random musings or whatever
  • Have a board game day (I recommend Risk – you really get to know someone’s true nature)
  • Go fishing, hiking, canoeing, barefoot running, whatever gets you out of the house
  • Set off on a random road trip with friends
  • Teach yourself to cook or bake some new recipes
  • Go camping (somewhere with no phone reception)
  • Stop making excuses, no more whining, just do something different and fun!

Share your tips for making an “off the grid” day entertaining in a comment below.