A whole body approach to chronic pain relief.

SLM Bodywork (Steve Lockhart Myotherapy) could be thought of as a combination of remedial massage, deep tissue and acupressure techniques, applied into full body treatment. The focus of each treatment is to restore muscular balance and identify the underlying cause of your pain, not just the symptom of your pain.

Here’s how Australian therapist Steve Lockhart describes his form of bodywork:

“Manipulation of the body’s soft tissue using a unique combination of acupressure and massage techniques that put length and function back into the muscles and balance the body, allowing it to function normally.”

Chronic pain will usually stem from a series of muscular imbalances that have developed in your body over years from any combination of poor posture, ill-suited activities, injuries and/or inappropriate nutrition. The key to lasting relief from your chronic pain rarely lies just in the area you feel the pain most, which is why each SLM treatment works on the whole body.

Your SLM therapist will focus on restoring balance to your pelvis and spine. These are you body’s core structures and if there are underlying imbalances there, it can be very difficult to find lasting relief from chronic pain.

SLM Bodywork has seen great results particularly with cases of sciatica and all types of back pain, along with a wide range of other chronic conditions.