And Get $20 Off Your Next Treatment

So you loved your Skeletal Harmonics treatment and want to shout it from the roof tops.

First of all we don’t recommend you climb any roofs after a treatment, but second of all, if you’re going to send anyone our way, we want to make sure you’re properly rewarded.

For every new client you send to us, we’ll give you $20 off your next hour long treatment. Just make sure they put your name down in the “referral” part of their new form.

The best way to let your friends about Skeletal Harmonics:

Simply send them an email and add your therapist’s email address in the cc area (see below of email addresses). This makes it dead easy for your friend to get in contact with your favourite Skeletal Harmonics therapist who can help them with any questions they might have.

Here’s a sample screen shot of an email Joe is sending to his friend Ted (imaginary friends).

Your therapist’s email address is the easy part – it’s simply their first name @ (Kaja, Jim, Gavin, Kat or Louis

We’ve found this to be the best way for you to follow up with a friend who could really benefit from a Skeletal Harmonics treatment, but has trouble “getting around” to calling for an appointment. They’ll thank you for the great recommendation and making it so easy, and we’ll thank you by giving you $20 off your next 60 minute treatment (see below for the finer details). By the end of it, you’ll feel a more fulfilled human being.

The finer details:
You’ll get an email to thank you, every time a referral discount is available to use. Please use within 1 month of notification. Referral discounts cannot be combined – only one discount can be applied per treatment. This means if you’ve referred three people, you have three hour long treatments at a $20 discount ($68 per treatment) to use, not $60 off your next visit.