Orthoplex MagOpti – Our Favourite Magnesium Powder With magnesium being the fourth most abundant mineral in your body and responsible for over 300 metabolic chemical reactions, it’s important we all get enough of this in our diet. Unfortunately thanks to SAD (standard Australian diet) and a variety of other issues, we’re not.

Deficiencies can lead to increased tension, stress, muscle cramping, pain and a decrease of cardiovascular and immune function. In our experience, taking a good magnesium supplement, combined with effective bodywork treatment, has greatly relieved a lot of chronic pain and tension clients have come in with. They not only experience less pain but also feel a lot more stress-free and relaxed. Not all supplements are created equally. Simple over-the-counter magnesium pills generally do not have the same potency as the forms you can get from a qualified health practitioner (such as us). Powders are preferrable to tablets as they are more easily absorbed in the system. We’ve found the Orthoplex MagOpti powder to be the most effective for our clients. Taking a teaspoon at night has helped clients sleep better, stress heads to chill out and pain sufferers to find relief. Ask for some next time you’re in and test the benefits for yourself. Also check out our guide to magnesium here or try having regular epsom salt baths (your body absorbs magnesium from the salts). NOTE: Side effects can include diarrhoea, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting or allergic reactions. Please ensure you consult with your health practitioner for the appropriate dosage. If you do experience adverse side effects or allergic reactions, stop immediately and contact your health practitioner.