Melt your tension away in 90 minutes with Skeletal Harmonics’ Queen of Hot Stones – Kat Cooper.

What To Expect

You walk into the Skeletal Harmonics Hot Stones room. It’s warm, lowly lit, with a relaxing selection of music wafting through the air. You feel instantly at ease. After a brief consultation, it’s time to get comfortable, lying down onto the table and keeping warm under a towel. Kat re-enters and begins.

At first, the hot stones are placed strategically around your body – you start to feel totally relaxed. Using a warm, fragrant oil, the massage begins, alternating between hands and stone. Once cool enough, the feeling of smooth, flat stones gliding effortlessly over your skin, instantly puts you into another world.

All you have to do from here is relax, forget about the world outside and enjoy your blissful 90 minute, full body hot stone experience.

Everything You Need To Know About Hot Stones

All you really need to know is that you’ll walk out after 90 minutes feeling totally warm and relaxed.

But for those who must know more, the use of Hot Stones has roots in Chinese medicine, Native American and Hawaiian cultures. The stones used today are usually Basalt due to a high heat retention. They’re flat, polished and hand selected for weight, size and shape. To heat the stones, we place them in a specifically designed hot water bath and heated to around 60°c.

Rather than lying face down to begin, like with most other massage treatments, you’ll start by lying on your back. Stones are then placed on and under your body, keeping a towel between until they cool off. As they cool off sufficiently, they are incorporated into a full body massage.

The heat will stimulate lymph and blood flow, while releasing muscular tension and melting away tissue adhesion. It’s certain to have feeling totally blissed out.

Treat yourself and try a Hot Stones with Kat. Book today online or call us on (07) 3844 2265.