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Musician’s Guide: Hand Care (Part 2)

4 Simple Steps For Musicians To Keep Their Money Makers Happy Cont….
Yesterday we covered the importance of warming up and taking breaks. If you haven’t already, check out Hand Care Part 1 now. Today we cover two more simple things to keep in mind for after you’ve finished playing and some general maintenance you […]

Musician’s Guide: Hand Care (Part 1)

4 Simple Steps For Musicians To Keep Their Money Makers Happy
Unless you’re Mark Goffeney (see this amazing guy rock out with his toes out below), you need your hands to play your instrument. Whether you’re a professional performer or amateur musician, there’s a few simple tips you should know that will help keep you money […]

The Stressed Out Musician’s Guide To Unplugging (Part 2)

Yesterday, we went through the three types of stress and how they affect your body differently. Today you’ll get some practical steps to start enjoying yourself more.

Don’t confuse your ‘free time’ with unplugging. For a lot of people, this time is never free of worries and frustrations.

Be honest with yourself; is your mind constantly churning […]