Injury Prevention

Relieve Lower Back Pain From Home

Barefoot Running – You Decide

The Great Shoe Myth:
Are wearing shoes causing us more injuries than they prevent?
Has years of research perfecting the ultimate shoe, only resulted in more chronic and acute running injuries?

Musician’s Guide: Hand Care (Part 2)

4 Simple Steps For Musicians To Keep Their Money Makers Happy Cont….
Yesterday we covered the importance of warming up and taking breaks. If you haven’t already, check out Hand Care Part 1 now. Today we cover two more simple things to keep in mind for after you’ve finished playing and some general maintenance you […]

Musician’s Guide: Hand Care (Part 1)

4 Simple Steps For Musicians To Keep Their Money Makers Happy
Unless you’re Mark Goffeney (see this amazing guy rock out with his toes out below), you need your hands to play your instrument. Whether you’re a professional performer or amateur musician, there’s a few simple tips you should know that will help keep you money […]

BakBalls – Back Pain Relief From Home

The effective, portable tool for relieving and preventing back pain. Using BakBalls are essential for anyone serious about maintaining a healthy body.

With proper use, BakBalls will help stimulate and release tension from your erector spinae muscles (running alongside your spine). It is best done regularly as maintenance for a healthy back.
How To Use BakBalls
Begin […]

Maintaining Your Only Body

No one expects their car to continue running smoothly without regular servicing and maintenance. So why are we so quick to neglect the one thing we have for life – our bodies?

At Skeletal Harmonics, we believe strongly in maintaining your physical body to continue performing pain free and at a peak level, as long […]

3 Tips For Desk Workers With Upper Back Pain

The very nature of your work demands things of your body that it simply was not designed for – sitting down for extended periods, staring at a screen, repetitive hand and finger movements, staying in one posture for too long.

Without the proper maintenance, these all build up and begin to cause you upper back […]

Pain – Your Body’s Warning Light

We’ve grown out of touch with our bodies. Most of us struggle to understand that the musculoskeletal aches, pains and symptoms we experience are often our body’s way of warning us that there is something worse to come if we keep ignoring it.

Think of your car.

You’re driving along and the ‘check oil’ light pops […]

The Stressed Out Musician’s Guide To Unplugging (Part 2)

Yesterday, we went through the three types of stress and how they affect your body differently. Today you’ll get some practical steps to start enjoying yourself more.

Don’t confuse your ‘free time’ with unplugging. For a lot of people, this time is never free of worries and frustrations.

Be honest with yourself; is your mind constantly churning […]

The Stressed Out Musician’s Guide To Unplugging (Part 1)

This is an intervention
We all think you’re just way too stressed out. Your lifestyle of late nights, long practice sessions, working your ass off just to pay the bills, constant setbacks and spending every spare thought about how to make more of a name for yourself, is doing you more harm than you realise.

We’re […]