General Health

Skeletal Harmonics Guide To Magnesium

by Annie Cameron

What is magnesium?

Magnesium is a naturally occurring mineral that is necessary in our diet for our bodies to function properly. Unfortunately it is one nutrient that tends to be in short supply in the average high sugar, over processed diet. But never fear! With all the yummy, wholesome foods that are full […]

What’s Not A Knot – Trigger Points Exposed

The term “knot” is often thrown around to describe the feeling of a tight spot of muscle. But what actually is a knot? And how do you fix it?

Knots Exposed

What most people would refer to as a knot, is actually called a trigger point. Basically it’s a painful and hyper-irritable part of a muscle. […]

Maintaining Your Only Body

No one expects their car to continue running smoothly without regular servicing and maintenance. So why are we so quick to neglect the one thing we have for life – our bodies?

At Skeletal Harmonics, we believe strongly in maintaining your physical body to continue performing pain free and at a peak level, as long […]

Epsom Salt Baths

You might have had a treatment at Skeletal Harmonics and been told to go home and have an epsom salt bath. It’s not because you smell – it’s actually really good for you and your muscles. But what makes it so special?

Epsom Salts

Also known as magnesium sulphate (or MgS04 for the geeks out there), is […]

Get Your Money’s Worth After A Massage

5 Steps To Getting Most Benefit After Every Treatment

You’ve just had an amazing massage from your new favourite Skeletal Harmonics therapist. You might feel a little tender in some spots, dazed or simply relaxed. However you feel, there are a few simple things you should do to get the most benefit from your treatment.

STEP […]

Computer Upgrades For Your Body’s Performance

Understand your body a little better by understanding computers.

Let’s look at the similarities:

Computer Has: Hardware
A computer’s hardware is the physical technology that determines what can be achieved and how much power is available.

Your Body Has: A Musculoskeletal System
Your musculoskeletal system is the hardware of your body. It determines how much power you have available […]

Pain – Your Body’s Warning Light

We’ve grown out of touch with our bodies. Most of us struggle to understand that the musculoskeletal aches, pains and symptoms we experience are often our body’s way of warning us that there is something worse to come if we keep ignoring it.

Think of your car.

You’re driving along and the ‘check oil’ light pops […]

Be More Like An Emperor – Drink White Tea

Introducing the Mightiest Health Tea – White Tea.

Ever since finding out about this apparent miracle tea that trumps the benefits of it’s lowly black and green cousins, I’ve started my day with a cup or two of White Tea. If I don’t get my cup in the morning, I run the risk of throwing […]

10 Tips For The Stressed Out Desk Worker

At The Desk

1. Get It Right: Boring as it may be, you should make sure your work area is set up correctly from the beginning. You’ve seen the terribly un-inspiring images of proper desk ergonomics, but unless you’re a robot, you’ll most likely ignore them. Here’s what a human can do to feel better, […]