Skeletal Harmonics Guide To Magnesium

by Annie Cameron

What is magnesium?

Magnesium is a naturally occurring mineral that is necessary in our diet for our bodies to function properly. Unfortunately it is one nutrient that tends to be in short supply in the average high sugar, over processed diet. But never fear! With all the yummy, wholesome foods that are full […]

What’s Not A Knot – Trigger Points Exposed

The term “knot” is often thrown around to describe the feeling of a tight spot of muscle. But what actually is a knot? And how do you fix it?

Knots Exposed

What most people would refer to as a knot, is actually called a trigger point. Basically it’s a painful and hyper-irritable part of a muscle. […]

Musician’s Guide: Hand Care (Part 2)

4 Simple Steps For Musicians To Keep Their Money Makers Happy Cont….
Yesterday we covered the importance of warming up and taking breaks. If you haven’t already, check out Hand Care Part 1 now. Today we cover two more simple things to keep in mind for after you’ve finished playing and some general maintenance you […]

Musician’s Guide: Hand Care (Part 1)

4 Simple Steps For Musicians To Keep Their Money Makers Happy
Unless you’re Mark Goffeney (see this amazing guy rock out with his toes out below), you need your hands to play your instrument. Whether you’re a professional performer or amateur musician, there’s a few simple tips you should know that will help keep you money […]

Skeletal Harmonics Guide To Hot Stones

Melt your tension away in 90 minutes with Skeletal Harmonics’ Queen of Hot Stones – Kat Cooper.

What To Expect

You walk into the Skeletal Harmonics Hot Stones room. It’s warm, lowly lit, with a relaxing selection of music wafting through the air. You feel instantly at ease. After a brief consultation, it’s time to get […]

BakBalls – Back Pain Relief From Home

The effective, portable tool for relieving and preventing back pain. Using BakBalls are essential for anyone serious about maintaining a healthy body.

With proper use, BakBalls will help stimulate and release tension from your erector spinae muscles (running alongside your spine). It is best done regularly as maintenance for a healthy back.
How To Use BakBalls
Begin […]

Maintaining Your Only Body

No one expects their car to continue running smoothly without regular servicing and maintenance. So why are we so quick to neglect the one thing we have for life – our bodies?

At Skeletal Harmonics, we believe strongly in maintaining your physical body to continue performing pain free and at a peak level, as long […]

What Is Musculoskeletal Therapy?

You might not be familiar with what a musculoskeletal therapist does or how they’re different to other therapists. This page will help you understand this relatively new form of therapy.

First off, it’s important to know musculoskeletal therapists are not physiotherapists, nor are they massage therapists. An easy way to get on the wrong side of your […]

Epsom Salt Baths

You might have had a treatment at Skeletal Harmonics and been told to go home and have an epsom salt bath. It’s not because you smell – it’s actually really good for you and your muscles. But what makes it so special?

Epsom Salts

Also known as magnesium sulphate (or MgS04 for the geeks out there), is […]

Share The Love – Refer A Friend

And Get $20 Off Your Next Treatment
So you loved your Skeletal Harmonics treatment and want to shout it from the roof tops.

First of all we don’t recommend you climb any roofs after a treatment, but second of all, if you’re going to send anyone our way, we want to make sure you’re properly rewarded.

For […]