table-cWe offer a wide range of treatments to best suit our clients wide range of needs. If you have any questions or concerns about which treatment is right for you, please give us a call on 3844 2265 or just select “I’m not sure what I need?”  when booking online.

Our Musculoskeletal Therapists and Remedial Massage Therapists have a strong background and experience in assessing, treating, and prescribing home stretches, exercises and habits.

How We Work

Our goal is to set you free, pain free, which is why we strongly believe in at home exercise and stretch prescription. Self-management is the ultimate goal of working with us, and we believe that an interactive approach to how you live your life and operate in your career is the best way we can get you all fixed up.


  • History taking
  • General postural assessment
  • Playing/rehearsing posture assessment, with/without instrument
  • Video analysis of past/current gigs
  • Orthopaedic special testing
  • Strength assessment


  • Soft tissue manipulation techniques
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Joint mobilization techniques
  • Stretches
  • Cupping
  • Dry needling
  • Taping

Outside of the Clinic

  • Injury/instrument specific stretches
  • Injury/instrument specific exercises
  • Postural tips and tricks
  • General self-management techniques
  • At-show or video analysis
  • Strong referral program with others in the performing arts healthcare industry

cups-cMusculoskeletal Therapy

Our expert Musculoskeletal Therapists will thoroughly assess the underpinning postural and lifestyle imbalances that have lead to both your acute and chronic pain.

Using a full postural analysis, range of motion screening and orthopedic testing, the therapist will formulate a comprehensive treatment plan.

This will include deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, MFR, cupping, dry needling, mobilisation techniques. As MST’s work holistically, don’t be surprised when you are given home based stretches, exercises and lifestyle techniques to follow up on in between treatments.


Remedial Massage Therapy SH web res second drop-11

Our remedial treatments are individually tailored with your practitioner taking into account any pain, injuries and postural concerns. The practitioner aims to identify and treat problem areas using a variety of techniques.

These techniques include deep tissue massage, cupping, trigger point therapy and an elbow here and there when needed!



Relaxation Massage TherapySH web res second drop-138

Feel your tension slip away as you experience a deeply relaxing and therapeutic massage.
Designed to improve circulation, ease muscular aches and pains, this treatment will leave you in a state of pure relaxation.

We also offer pregnancy massage for exhausted mums to be, just make sure you get the OK from your doctor first.



Hot Stone Massage

A hot stone massage is a blissful escape from reality.

Best completed over an hour and a half, your therapist will melt away your tension using heated basalt stones and organic coconut oil.

While this form of massage is generally not as firm as our remedial massage treatments, hot stone massage can be used in conjunction with remedial massage so you can make the best of both worlds.