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‘Skeletal Harmonics’ for the Injured Performer

Once again the guys and gals at Skeletal Harmonics Touring are pleased to announce their involvement in another year of Music Festivals. For their eighth consecutive year, the team will be providing top quality health care for performers and organisers all around Australia for the 2017/2018 festival circuit.

Since beginning in 2007, Skeletal Harmonics has helped performers at major music festivals, venues and touring companies in Australia. They’re ready once more to pack their bags and hit the road to keep headliners of the biggest metal, punk, pop, indie, reggae and country artists in perfect physical tune!

It all started when Director Kaja Quinn’s dream of combining two of her passions, health and music, became an Australian first: a massage company that focused on the true essence of musicians’ health and also trained the musicians to prevent further injury.

With 9 years real on-the-road experience, the company’s innovative and scientifically-verified skills and techniques have proven their value in the Performing Arts Health industry.

They provide quality treatment of injury and ongoing treatment plans for classical and non-classical musicians, their management and crew, on tour and from their clinic in West End, Brisbane. (Skeletal Harmonics will still treat you at the clinic even if you are not a performer )

From its beginnings as a one-woman vision to a growing body of work in a class of its own, Skeletal Harmonics is paving the way for greater awareness of the need for and the possibility of improving performers’ health in Australia.

Who Is Skeletal Harmonics

The SkelHel Mission
The SkelHel Philosophy
The SkelHel Vision
We Deliver Great Treatments

Our Skills

Easing Pain 90
Deep Tissue Massage 95
Posture Correction 85
Fixing broken  75

Meet Our Team

Kaja Quinn
Kaja QuinnDirector, Musculoskeletal Therapist
Kaja Quinn. Owner of Skeletal Harmonics, Kaja is a highly experienced Musculoskeletal Therapist who has treated musicians, performers and athletes. She’s passionate about performers’ health but will help anyone who needs it. Whether you’re in serious pain or just looking for a great relaxation treatment, Kaja will get you results.
Jim Combes
Jim CombesManager, Musculoskeletal Therapist
Jim Combes. Having been with Skeletal Harmonics from the early days, Jim is an accomplished Musculoskeletal Therapist who has treated a wide range of clients including high profile performers. He’s helped many clients find relief from pain or just relax after a stressful week and can help you too. He is also currently working for the Brisbane Lions. .