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On the Road with You

We know how to make working with us the easy choice. We’ve worked on national tours and one-stop gigs, with local, national and international artists. And confidentiality – it’s like breathing to us. Click here to find out more.
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Deep Tissue Massage

We treat everyone who wants high-performance from their body, whether you need to perform in the office, on the sports field or on the stage. Visit our highly qualified and experienced  myotherapists in our Fortitude Valley Clinic.  Click here to read more.
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Don’t Suffer for Your Art

We know that your injuries are no laughing matter. Your income depends on your ability to perform. We can help ease your existing pain and help you learn how to prevent future injury so you can enjoy your art more. Click here to read more.

Getting You Pain Free and Moving: You Need It, We Provide It.

Our #1 priority is you, our clients. We care about your health as much as you do, which is why we employ the best therapists and provide continual training to ensure we stay on top of emerging trends.

Our expert Musculoskeletal Therapists will thoroughly assess the underpinning postural and lifestyle imbalances that have lead to both your acute and chronic pain.

Using a full postural analysis, range of motion screening and orthopedic testing, the therapist will formulate a comprehensive treatment plan.

This will include deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, MFR, cupping, dry needling, mobilisation techniques. As MST’s work holistically, don’t be surprised when you are given home based stretches, exercises and lifestyle techniques to follow up on in between treatments.

Years in Practice
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The Proof Is In The Playing

We specialise in treating injuries that plague professional performers: repetition strain, falling off the stage, running from rabid fans, hauling gear and partying harder than the average bear.

  • Degree qualified therapists

  • National music tour health advisers

  • Growing industry awareness

  • Freaking good massages

  • Online booking system

  • High credibility

  • Determined to help you feel better

  • Reliable results

  • On the spot private health rebates

  • Reliable and structured

  • Intuitive therapists

  • Over 12 000 hours experience

  • 10 Years industry experience

  • Real life solutions

  • Gift vouchers available

  • A business built on referrals

  • Great listeners, great problem solvers

  • Passionate about Performing Arts Medicine

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We Love our Clients, And They Love Us.

Check out what our clients say about us. Yes, they make us blush but that’s only fair!

“WOW – I felt a sense of relief that I had never known.”

 I did a performance degree at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music on piano. I was required to practice the piano for hours each day, sometimes up to 8 hours. Because of this, i developed a nasty RSI in my right shoulder. It spread to my neck and down my back sometimes and was so bad it made me stop playing every now and then. I spent a lot of time trying to find someone that could help me with this injury. physiotherapy, remedial massage, osteopathy and many other treatments kept my RSI at bay most of the time,  but I never felt as though any of them got to the root of the problem and started to heal my shoulder – until I met Kaja! Kaja has a different approach to music related RSI’s as she is a musician herself, and understands the strain that one’s body can go through after hours of playing. After just 20 minutes with Kaja, I felt a sense of relief that I had never known. I kid you not! She could even tell that I was a pianist from the type of RSI I had. 2509269-the-jezabels-tastemakers-3-617-409 I cannot speak highly enough of Kaja and the work she and her colleagues do at Skeletal Harmonics. I only wish that I had known of her sooner and been able to see her throughout my degree. I know a lot of musicians that go through similar pain and frustration at trying to find a solution to their injuries. It seems to be an unavoidable reality of being a musician. Kaja has changed this reality for me. I can feel that the work she does on my body and the preventative stretches and exercises she has shown me have gotten to the root of the problem and started a healing process for me. Her and her colleagues will fix you. Trust me.

-Heather Shannon, The Jezabels

bblebuff“As a full time burlesque and circus performer I’m constantly putting my body through lots of different stresses and strains. The practitioners at Skeletal Harmonics are all extremely intuitive at finding the right treatment for my pain, whether it’s for a single session or on-going. ”

BB Le Buff BB le Buff’s School of Performance

What an incredible addition the giving and mega beautiful Skeletal Harmonics truly are… They are a very important part of the Laneway traveling circus!”

Danny Rogers Director, Laneway Festival

kiera-buchanan“I’ve been coming to Skeletal Harmonics for 2 years and wouldn’t go anywhere else. The whole team are friendly and make you feel very comfortable. Jim is a brillant therapist, highly skilled at treating all my musculoskeletal issue and preventing future problems.”

Dr Kiera Buchanan Benchmark Psychology

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